KP Design Studio is an interior design firm that is passionate about redefining the ordinary and unrefined into magnificent comfortable spaces that are full of quality and character. We are fueled by the desire to fulfill your most imaginative dreams while capturing your personality and style. We dedicate ourselves to create rooms that exemplify imagination and sophistication with an extraordinary attention to detail.

We begin by visualizing your space from the foundation. We take that vision and build upon it incorporating custom elements such as architectural details, cabinetry, finishes, flooring and lighting; then finalize the look with furnishings, window treatments, art and accessories.

KP Design Studio's commitment to quality along with our innovative approach and style will allow you to realize your infinite design dreams!

meet the designers




Katie discovered at an early age she had a passion to imagine and create. This passion mixed with determination led her to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. While attending design school she began working for a design firm at an entry-level intern position which very quickly advanced into a more challenging and rewarding position as senior designer. This advancement allowed her to work more closely with clients and the trade.

Tapping back into that innate desire to create, she took a leap of faith, trusted her passion and created her biggest project yet, KP Design Studio. She is now able to enjoy a more immediate connection to her respective work. Katie is an amiable designer yet assertive and adventurous! She inspires distinctive ideas for your space that pay homage to her known attention to detail and artistic touch. She is recognized for her custom approach to suit the individual needs of each project and client. Her diverse, innovated ideas will transform your space beyond your expectations!



Kim acquired a passion for design early in life. Infused with creativity, her profound imagination motivated her to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. Kim’s professional career was established in 2002. She advanced rapidly in her trade, a once apprentice bloomed to a senior designer. Kim benefited from the experience and nurtured her love for design over the following ten years.

In 2011 Kim launched the New Year by joining KP Design Studio. A life-long vision aside her sister, now a vibrant and palpable venture. Kim is engaging, assured and a bold designer. She enjoys a closer connection to her work with clients. Her creative vision accounts for fresh thinking and has a characteristic ability to be very detail oriented. Kim’s energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. Her outgoing and down to earth qualities provide a fun, stimulating experience sure to meet your design solution.